Midget Car

Welcome to Midget Car Week here at OPOD. When I was growing up, midget cars, also known as go-carts were extremely popular. Some were purchased ready to run, some came as kits, and other home brew cars were built from the ground up by kids with more mechanical expertise. The cars with motors were typically called go carts, and then cars that had no motor, but were used to coast down hills were usually called Soap Box cars. In any event, many kids of my generation had a passion for these cars. I don't see much of this type of thing any more. There is a lot of interest in ATV's but while these might be fun to ride, they are missing a critical aspect. The go carts of my generation were exciting because of the effort put forth in building them. The experience is just not the same to simply buy something and ride it.

Today's picture is from 1939 and it shows a midget car built by a High School senior. Cost of the parts for the car was about $30. It looks like a pretty impressive car, and am sure he took great pride in his creation.