My favourites photos of 2019

Arctic Tern, Ferry Meadows CPBar-tailed Godwit, Deeping Lakes LWTBrimstone, Castor Hanglands NNRMating Brown Hares, near HolmeCattle Egret, way out eastChalkhill Blue, Barnack Hills and HolesCommon Seal, Dog in a Doublet sluiceFly-by Cranes, Nene Washe...

Arctic Tern, Ferry Meadows CP
Bar-tailed Godwit, Deeping Lakes LWT
Brimstone, Castor Hanglands NNR
Mating Brown Hares, near Holme
Cattle Egret, way out east
Chalkhill Blue, Barnack Hills and Holes
Common Seal, Dog in a Doublet sluice
Fly-by Cranes, Nene Washes
Dark Green Fritillary, Bedford PurlieusDevil's Coach Horse, Baston and Lagtoft pits
Bee-mimic fly, Baston and Langtoft pits
Fly Orchid, Bedford Purlieus
Garganey, Ferry Meadows CP
Kittiwake, Ferry Meadows CP
Little Gull, Ferry Meadows CP
Little Owl, Thorney Toll
Migrant Hawker, Ferry Meadows CP
Munjac, our garden, Peterborough
Otter, Ferry Meadows CP
Red-crested Pochard brood, Baston and Langtoft pits
Red Kite, Deeping St James
Redstart, Eldernell
Scarce Chaser, Eldernell
Stoat, Deeping Lakes LWT
Treecreeper, Maxey
Turtle Dove, Maxey
Wall Brown, King's Dyke NR
Water Vole, Great Fen
Waxwing, Werrington, Peterborough
Wheatear, Castor Mill
Whimbrel, Deeping Lakes LWT
Whinchat, Thurlby Fen
Willow Emerald, Ferry Meadows CP