Canon G15 — my new point & shoot camera

Above Photo: That's my setup for behind-the-scenes photos... a Canon G15, Joby GorillaPod and Really Right stuff BH-30 ballhead.

I carry a point and shoot camera with me everywhere I go, especially when I'm traveling or out on photo shoots. The convenience of a p&s allows me to shoot candid pics and behind-the-scenes photos/video for presentations and articles. My choice for years has been the Canon G-series.... I've gone through the lineup with a G2, G6, G9, G10, G11, G12 and I just picked up the latest G15 today. A bunch of things appeal to me about the G-series cameras: build quality, image quality (quite good for a p&s), intuitive controls and optional manual function (although I usually just shoot in auto mode!). As a bonus, Canon makes relatively inexpensive underwater housings for the G-series cameras.... which I use for creative perspectives when shooting canoe or kayak photos, and when I'm snorkeling. 

I'm packing right now for a trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia... the above rig will be at my side so I can capture all kinds of fun photos!