Asia bound! What’s in my pack?

I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Vietnam. The next three weeks will be jam packed with hard-core shooting..... Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Our itinerary will keep us very busy! For an overseas trip, I'm traveling very light this time.... mainly because we'll be photographing more cultural scenes and landscapes then wildlife. Nevertheless, I always travel with 3 bags: 

1) The large MEC duffle bag at my feet goes into checked baggage. It contains my tripods, heads, miscellaneous accessories and clothing. Typically I have so much stuff in this bag that it's overweight. That's why I use a duffle bag - the bag itself is very light compared to a standard suitcase. I use my clothing as padding to protect the gear.

2) The pack on the right is a Gura Gear "Bataflae" 18L. Normally I use a Gura Gear 32L pack, but on this trip I'm not taking a huge telephoto lens. This bag is my my primary carry-on and contains all of the expensive, fragile stuff. See the photo below to see what's in it.

3) On my other shoulder is a small North Face day pack which is my 'personal' item for carry-on. It contains my laptop, binoculars and reading material for the long plane flight!

This is traveling light for me! The Gura Gear "Bataflae" 18L is amazingly spacious for its size and weight. What's in the bag for my Asia trip? Going clockwise from the top left: Canon 24/1.4 (Canon 1.4x II TC underneath), Sigma 15/2.8 fisheye (Canon 2x II TC underneath) , Canon 17-40/4, Sigma 24-70/2.8, Canon 70-300/4-5.6, Canon 1D mk IV body, Canon 5d mk II body, Canon 300/2.8. I also have a Canon 580 EX II flash that sneaks in next to the 300mm lens, but I took it out for this shot so you could see the glass.

Happy shooting!