Abiqua Falls, Oregon [OC] [1080×752]
☀️ Earth’s solar reflection ???? [1024 x 1024] [OC]
Southern Alps from the Hoon Hay Reserve, Port Hills, New Zealand [OC] [7000 x 1104]
Castle Valley, Utah [6016×4000]
Mount Fuji as seen from the sea [1440 x 954]
Lava Tubes and Mountains at Craters of the Moon National Park, ID [OC] [6000×4000]
Approaching Coum Tay, Comeragh Mountains, Ireland [OC] (1920×1200)
Ingleton Falls, North Yorkshire, UK [OC] (1500×2250)
Took this photo while on our honeymoon today. HWY 1/Big Sur, California. [OC, 1616×1080]
Just off trail, in an unamed meadow along the Pacific Crest Trail, I found this view…[1334×1750] (OC)
Joshua Tree National Park [5184 × 3456] [OC]
Morrell Falls, Seeley Lake Montana [OC][2988×5312]
Ice Cream Vendor
Unexpected day off brought me to Garwin Falls, Wilton NH, USA [OC] [1920×1282]
Saw the Black Canyon of the Gunnison night photo, here’s my shot during the day [OC][2488×1659]
Glacier and iceberg fields during 3pm sunset here in Antarctica [OC] [3264×2448]
My version of Calf Creek Falls, Utah [4364 x 5155] [OC]
Andreas Moe
Shipyard Worker
Pyramid Point, Leelanau county MI [3900×2593]